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Olive, the most iconic Ice Cream Van in the UK

Introducing Olive our 1960’s vintage caravan. Established since 2013 scooping high quality, award winning Purbeck ice cream and sorbets, at weddings and events across the south coast.

Born in the 1960s Olive has seen a lot in her life, she started off as a much loved touring caravan past down from family member to family member, until the day her family had hung up their caravanning ways & unfortunately Olive spent a few years stationary in a garden.

The beautiful Olive you see today was originally a touring caravan. Before her amazing transformation she looked a bit sad, she had lost all her WOW & was starting to show signs of the ageing process. However she still had a sparkle in her windows & curves in all the right places to help form the best vintage ice cream caravan around today.

All the ice cream that we scoop at Caravanilla is of the highest quality & proudly English, made from the finest and natural ingredients.It is has no added colours/flavourings, no preservatives, no nuts, no eggs, it is gluten free, no GMOs, halal accredited & of course very tasty! With ice cream of this quality everyone is able to have a scoop & you do not miss anyone out.

We scoop up flavours from strawberry & champagne to salted caramel. We don’t stop there, Oh No! We also have a great range of vegan sorbets to scoop too.

We serve all these frozen treats in pots & cones, all the pots/napkins/spoons we use are compostable & made of plants not plastic making it very eco friendly. The crunchy waffle cones we use are British sourced & were the same ones the company was producing back when the caravan was originally made. Don’t worry, they are not 50 years old

We have lots of flavours to choose from and new flavours are being added all the time – please ask if you have a favourite.

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