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Married in a Moggy

We are a small, family run business providing classic car wedding transport hire throughout Hampshire, West Sussex and parts of Surrey. Established in 2015 we pride ourselves in providing a personal and relaxed service on the day with continuous attention to the Bridal Party thus ensuring fabulous memories to cherish and remember for years to come.

We only book one wedding a day, making sure that you have our full attention throughout your time with us. We enjoy what we do so it’s very important to us that we get every little detail right so that you enjoy your day too.

We have an active Facebook page where you will find photos from Ruby’s weddings. We post these up with the permission of the Bridal Party for the Bride and Groom and their guests to see, to share and to tag themselves.

Many people have extremely fond memories of Morris Minors and we never tire of hearing about the connection and the stories that our couples or their families have had over the years. We have also found that those who have experienced a ride in a Moggy are drawn to the idea of using this charismatic little car for their wedding day.

Let us know on the day as to whether you would like the roof up or down, it literally takes seconds. Either way, the car will look perfect for any photo opportunities, making the most of the large windows and the deceivingly spacious interior.

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