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Queenie’s Travelling Teapot

We will create a unique and truly memorable vintage themed catering experience for your big day with our beautiful, rare vintage caravan tearoom & bar. All staff dressed for the era while delivering outstanding service with a genuine smile! We will ensure you and your guests are truly satisfied with freshly baked vintage deliciousness during this charming and unforgettable vintage experience.  Sit back, relax and be swept away with the echoes of forgotten values and true vintage class.

On top of all this wonderment we are 100% eco-friendly and ethical. From our ethically sourced ‘pact’ coffee to compostable packaging.

You can hire us for any part of your wedding day. Here are some examples;

An impressive greeting for your guests with champagne /prosecco upon arrival – using our gorgeous prosecco ladder!
We work wonderfully well to entertain your lovely guests between the main event and reception
An outside bar option. Still offering tea and coffee for those who may need it!
If you are looking for a more relaxed yet immersive catering option for your special day, our afternoon tea is a truly delightful way to make your day unique and memorable for all

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