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Beauty covers a spectrum of services and treatments but when it comes to general Wedding Beauty, there are several key elements mainly focused on the Bride specifically; hair, make up and nails. However, this can also extend to other members of the Bridal Party, such as Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, as well as beginning a while before the actual wedding day.
Beauty can also incorporate Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, as after all beauty is within and not just what we consider to be seen on the outside. From Boot-Camps, to Pamper Packages and everything in between, there is no right or wrong, just lots of opportunities to look and feel your best on your special day.
Hen Party’s often involve Spa Treatments and Packages with the bride and her entourage all enjoying treatments whilst combining it with other activities. Others opt to have coordinating or matching nail polish or themes and make a day or afternoon of it, all visiting a salon together.
Many Brides opt to have their regular Hairdresser create their perfect wedding hairstyle, but this can also be specialist to stylists who only perform this type of service. They also offer trials to help you establish what you want and are mobile to be with you on the Wedding Day. This again can extend to other members of the Bridal Party, i.e. if you want all of your bridesmaids to have the exact same hairstyle, your specialist Wedding Hairdresser will be able to do this.
With Wedding Make-up, again specialists will work with you to create your desired look, whilst also being experts in knowing how various conditions such as heat, lighting, allergies and more can affect your overall look for those all-important wedding photographs.
Let’s not overlook Grooming, as again, it’s all a part of beauty regimes. There are many specialist Groomers that offer treatments and packages during the weeks prior to the wedding, as well as on the day, so that you arrive fresh from the salon, feeling fabulous! Teeth Whitening and alignment is also proving popular for those that aren’t confident or happy with either their smile or teeth (or perhaps just a tooth!) Along with Tattoo removal or coverage, explore the opportunities to make you glow with confidence on your special day
Many treatments may need weeks or months to provide their best potential, so its essential to research, book, trial and attend any appointments, to get the most from the beauty treatments you’ve chosen. See our listing of Suppliers on The Wedding Plans

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