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When it comes to your Wedding Cake, this is one category in particular, that offers plenty of options, as cakes come in so many styles varieties and flavours now.
Traditional, tiered, naked or even cheese (as in cheddar) what you choose is as unique as your special day and you can tailor your cake to either coordinate with your wedding colours and theme, or be a completely stand-alone focal piece.
A Wedding Cake has always been an important part of the day, with the cutting of the cake featuring in photographs for its meaning; The Grooms hand is placed over the brides when cutting the cake, to symbolize his support for her and her promise to take care of him and their family. Couples are encouraged to cut from the bottom tier, symbolizing the longevity of their relationship and often saving the top tier for their first child’s christening.
For many years traditional wedding cake fillings and flavours were usually just limited to fruit cake with icing and marzipan, or a plain sponge cake, but now there are an array of fillings and combinations, as well as those catering for Vegan or allergies such as Gluten Free.
But when it comes to designs and styles of cakes, there are simply endless choices so it’s worth researching cake makers designers to see what they offer in both style and content. Individual cupcakes as opposed to one wedding cake are still popular, or sometimes in addition to a smaller cake, plus a selection for the younger members of the party. For those looking for something ‘natural’ ‘naked’ wedding cakes, minus and covering apart from a dusting of icing sugar, decorated with fruits & flowers are popular.
One of the most recent trends has been to have a cake formed from layers or rounds of actual cheese, of various flavours, such as cheddar, red Leicester etc, so that the colours of the cheese also add a style to it. With the addition of crackers, breaks, grapes and other fruits, the cake is often set to resemble the style and shape of a cake and is a great alternative and addition to an evening buffet or late nibbles for guests.
For couples who perhaps have hobbies or passions that mean a lot to them and they want them to feature in their wedding day somehow, these can also be incorporated into the cake with double-sided cakes detailing a more traditional side, yet once rotated they reveal this clever feature. They are often placed on a motorised base so that the cake rotates regularly, allowing everyone to see the creativity.
Obviously, no matter what you opt for, the cost of your wedding cake(s) will vary depending on many factors, so it is worth getting plenty of ideas and prices from expert cake makers, knowing that you’ll get exactly what you had planned and discussed. They often love some input and creativity from the couple, so don’t be shy, it’s your day, have your cake and eat it!
Just consider elements such as your budget, time of year (weather), transportation, how and where your venue will be able to keep the cake for you safely, guest numbers and allergies – you could always have some miniature portions or cakes made for anyone who can’t partake in the main cake

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