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What is TWP and what will I get from advertising on it?

TWP is completely unique in that no other wedding related website offers you so much; your Full Unlimited Profile will contain as much text as you wish and as many images as you’d like displayed, along with video clips, testimonials, full contact details and much more. To further enhance your business, you have the opportunity to be a Featured or Premium Supplier, highlighted in the most desirable and prominent areas of the website, promoting your business even further, and by reaching an even greater audience in neighbouring counties also. In effect, TWP can give you as much advertising as you want, across all 6 counties (we will be expanding across more counties very soon) alongside other wedding suppliers, all on one unique prestigious wedding-suppliers- website.

How does TWP differ to other wedding directories & websites?

‘The Wedding Plans’ – TWP has been created as a valuable interactive wedding-planning-resource, promoting you and your wedding business with an unlimited profile, in the most efficient, dynamic and advantageous way.Its appealing clear & clean design, ease of use, and professional appearance compliments you and your business and enables your details to be advertised to the optimum, with a choice of packages to suit every type of wedding business.

For couples planning something as important and exciting as their wedding day, they need to be safe in the knowledge that they are discovering the most reliable, established and reputable wedding suppliers with in their local area, to assist them with creating their perfect day. TWP provides a vast and detailed selection of top-class wedding suppliers of every category; all in one place, without having to search through numerous other wedding-related-websites or directories, which offer very limited advertising about your own individual business. TWP in effect, replicates, enhances and in some cases – replaces your own website, and is the place to advertise and be seen.

Service, Value & Quality ­ Rated Suppliers

From our market research, couples often find themselves overwhelmed with various wedding resources; from magazines, other wedding-related-websites and the numerous directories packed with minimal listings, which do little to showcase your business or provide couples with clear idea as to what you can offer. But when it comes to them actually finding professional suppliers who would play key parts in the many elements of their day, they struggle to know where to find such businesses (other than at a PMN Wedding Fayre!)
It all happens in just a few clicks on TWP and is free for couples who register to use it, they are then able to create their own Wedding Suppliers List and Personalised Log-in; revisiting, updating and contacting you – their potential suppliers, with further inquiries and appointment requests. You receive their data directly from the submitted enquiry, and of course they still have the option to get in touch with you directly too.

In return, and only once they have used your particular services for their wedding, they have the opportunity to recommend you to future couples also planning their wedding, by ‘rating’ you as a supplier, providing a *rating that will be displayed on your profile, for criteria such as; Service, Value & Quality. Bogus ratings cannot be made, only registered users can return to rate you. All are verified/checked prior to the star rating being applied or published. Each month a winner is picked at random from those that have submitted a suppliers rating, offering *a meal for two voucher, as a Thank You for taking the time to send useful feedback.

We aim for TWP to become ‘the’ recognised wedding suppliers website where couples can confidently contact suppliers knowing that all businesses listed on TWP offer the best Services, Value & Quality; there is little regulation across the wedding industry and unfortunately we do hear of horror stories form couples and suppliers alike. By not being able to submit bogus ratings or use the site as a chat forum, TWP will be recognised for its professionalism, due to the standard of its suppliers who advertise on it.

How is TWP marketed?

TWP sits hand-in-hand (in marriage!) with our already well-established wedding business – PMN Wedding fayres Ltd – as successful and reputable wedding fayre organisers; we continue to bring together many wedding professionals such as yourselves, at our wedding fayres which are held at prestigious venues all across the South Coast – TWP is another platform to compliment this already successful business, ensuring that your business is still ‘seen’ even when you can’t attend a PMN Wedding Fayre. Being a part of TWP, you’ll be constantly advertising your business, supported by the already high footfall at our fayres, who will all be notified about TWP and invited to register at every fayre we host – that’s 25 fayres per year with in excess of 8,000 couples planning their wedding!

Our advertising methods used to promote being a part of TWP, include;

  • Radio Airtime – Our biggest financial investment with prime time advertisements aired across the South’s predominant radio stations; Heart, Capital & Smooth FM. No other wedding resources offer this level of adverting commitment.
  • Promotion at all PMN Wedding Fayres – Displays, Registration Forms, Flyers, Banners and many other visual displays will showcase TWP at every PMN Wedding Fayre.
  • Cross promotion from PMN Wedding Fayres Ltd to TWP (& vice-versa) – With our already well established wedding fayre business behind the creation of TWP, we already have a significant following and reputation in providing the best suppliers at our fayres so TWP continues to reflect and advertise many of these suppliers.
  • Logo’s on all marketing material – TWP will now feature on all PMN Wedding Fayres marketing material and its own independent methods
  • Website links to & from PMN Wedding Fayres – Again PMN will assist with generating hits to TWP site, with our already high number of hits and links in place to generate even more.
  • TWP Patch/Badge – All suppliers who sign-up to TWP are asked to display the TWP ‘patch’ on their own website, with a reciprocal hyperlinks.
  • Google Ads –  During TWP’s infancy initially, we will ensure that TWP is featured within the top Google search results, with investment within this crucial advertising media
  • Social Media – Its a well known fact the most popular Social Media sites such as Facebook & Twitter can generate huge business. TWP will feature on all such platforms with regular posts, campaigns and promotions.
  • Wedding Magazine Publications  – TWP will be advertised in numerous county & countrywide publications throughout the year, with a huge investment standing alongside PMN as well as independently
  • TWP App – To make sure that couples can find suppliers whilst on the move, TWP will go mobile! The App is currently being developed to deliver the same ease of use as the website, with great facilities and functionality for both users and suppliers.
Pricing…what does it cost to advertise on TWP?

* INTRODUCTORY 15% DISCOUNT (Simply deduct 15% from ALL Packages & ALL Payment Options – please note that the payment has pre-set pricing which does NOT reflect the discount – this will be applied on your invoice)

Take a look at our four packages detailed in the grid below from Bronze through to Platinum; No matter which option you opt for, every one provides you with an Ultimate TWP Profile regardless, its merely the level of exposure across more counties that changes, along with the option of being a Featured or Premium Supplier, where your profile is placed in prominent areas of the website.

We’ve structured the pricing to enable you to select what best suits your business requirements, with the option to upgrade at any time. You’ll see that our varied packages cost less than most wedding magazine publication advertisements and start from just £1 per day! We’ve not found another wedding resource that can offer the same unlimited exposure or such detailed profiles as TWP. Remembering also that TWP advertises your business profile for an entire year and our payment options have also been created to allow you to spread the cost in a more efficient way; We are offering a 10% discount across all packages for Payment in Full at the time of signing up, or there is the option to spread the cost of your chosen package across the year with quarterly payments. Please see ‘Payment Options’ detailed below the Sign-Up Form.


  • Your Ultimate TWP Profile
    Unlimited Text, images, video, testimonials & Full Contact Details
  • Displayed within your specific category listing
  • Plus 1 county of your choice

  • -

  • -



  • Your Ultimate TWP Profile
    Unlimited Text, images, video, testimonials & Full Contact Details
  • Displayed within your specific category listing
  • Plus 3 counties of your choice

  • -

  • -



  • Your Ultimate TWP Profile
    Unlimited Text, images, video, testimonials & Full Contact Details
  • Displayed within your specific category listing
  • Plus 4 counties of your choice
  • And as a Featured Supplier (in your specific category) in 1 county of your choice

  • -


  • Gold+
  • Upgrade to be a Featured Supplier (top of the page banner) in 4 counties of your choice



  • Your Ultimate TWP Profile
    Unlimited Text, images, video, testimonials & Full Contact Details
  • Displayed within your specific category listing
  • Plus all 6 current counties
  • And as a Featured Supplier (in your specific category) in all 6 counties of your choice
  • And as a Premium Supplier (front home page banner, mixed categories) in 1 County of your choice


  • Platinum+
  • Upgrade to be a Premium Supplier (front home page banner, mixed categories) in all 6 counties


Where your business can be listed on The Wedding Plans

Across Counties

To expose your business to a greater audience, it is recommended that you consider how far you would usually travel or work, in order to deliver or supply to your customers. All counties boarder one another, so for example; if you are a Photographer based in Portsmouth, but happily work in Chichester or Bournemouth, selecting only ‘Hampshire’ as your preferred county would limit couples seeing your business details in those other areas.Our Packages allow for you to select the one that provides you with the greatest amount of advertising across the counties.

Across Categories

All TWP Packages offer you a minimum of one county to advertise within. However, if you offer more than one service within your wedding business, you have the opportunity to increase the advertising exposure by listing in additional categories, for example; A Florist also offering Chair Covers & Wedding Stationery – can feature in all three categories, even amending your profile to suit each element of the business. An additional £95 annual fee (less than £8 per month), per additional category can be selected within the Payment Options. Alternatively, you can opt to feature within the ‘Multiple Businesses Category’ and display all elements of your business within this one specific category designed especially for such suppliers.


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