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Whether you’re looking for something a little different for your wedding, or some inspiration on how to write your Wedding Speech, there are lots of individuals and businesses that have it covered.
Speech writing services can offer to help with the entire speech(es), or just give some basic guidelines, or of course tailor it from information you provide, but ultimately you can make a speech your own style and delivery – it can be and should be as unique as your wedding.
Capturing your day, or your guests, in ways other than photography or videography can add a special touch and memory. Wedding Artists are usually ‘live event artists’ and often paint various elements of the day as they occur. It could be the wedding breakfast or first dance, or guests sat nattering together – often the faces on the images are left blank, whilst the detail is in the shapes, silhouettes and colours. They each have their own style and offering but it can make a fantastic picture to frame and display, or to duplicate in a smaller format and send as Thank You notes to your guests who attended your special day.
Caricaturists add yet another form of art as well as entertainment to a wedding, by sketching caricatures of not just the couple, but guests who sit for a short while and receive their cartoon sketch as a gift. They make a great talking point and again can be framed or duplicated as fun cards to send to family and friends. Ordinarily, a Characturist will be at the Wedding Reception for a few hours, helping to occupy guests between various parts of the later afternoon and evening, prior to night time entertainment or music.
There are lots of other unique ideas for weddings, such as ice sculptures, singing waiters, barn owls which deliver weddings rings, and more – so don’t forget to explore all of our categories on The Wedding Plans, as we have so many talented suppliers listed that can enhance your wedding day

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